* I don’t usually repost, but this blog entry from my friend Jesse Ahmann in Montana might inspire you as it did me.  I’m not going to give much away, but go read it.


* Practice has been more challenging lately, both emotionally and intellectually.  But this is a good thing – I need to challenge myself.   We have been re-engaging the Chopin Largo with a view for discovering a vocabulary for playing more musically.  I’ve heard the words “every note should have direction”, but hearing those words doesn’t give my music more direction.  I need to learn what that means for my body, for the music, and for how I choose to emphasize notes.  So, now, I need to listen much more closely to what I’m sounding like when I play.  The danger is that I might start micromanaging again because I want it to sound so lyrical and perfect.  Just keep that bow moving and relax.

* Practice has been moving along at a good pace.  The storm, from which we were lucky to not be damaged, proved to me that I could manage my distractions and play cello for multiple hours a day.

* My book has been published, and I’m very excited.  As far as this audience is concerned, it means that I’ll have more time to focus on blogging.

* I still feel bad about not recording more.  I did it once, and the results were so square and blocky, that i went back to my teacher and begged him to help me focus on musicality of the piece before I moved on to the next.  So, let’s just say that 2013 will be the year of more recordings on the blog.  Sorry to disappoint.