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When i think about how grateful I am to have such a wonderful instrument, a great teacher, and the ability to work all of this into my busy schedule,  that is worth remembering.  When I sit down at the instrument, I am amazed at how much it rewards me for my effort.  So, why then, do I still feel nervous the next day about practicing?

ON a more technical note, my L4 feels sore.  There was a lot of 4-4 shifting going on, and I can feel it.  Worked through the Kummer #77 fingerings again that we did in the lesson, and focused on the second half of the piece, since the first is in playable shape.

Starting tomorrow, I need to start on the Bach.  We reviewed the trills and the theory behind them – namely why we start on the note above, and then Dan walked through the phrases with me,  EVen though the emphasis is often on beat 2, these are not the phrase boundaries.