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I recorded myself playing the Largo from Chopin’s Op 65, and found the following issues.  I got only to the end of the second line.

  • There is no sense of dynamics.  The piece has to start softly.
  • When playing the accompaniment parts, the legato isn’t.  The whole thing is too choppy.
  • When the cello gets the melody the second time, I am not as confident of my fingering.
  • Intonation seemed acceptable, but I caught myself fishing for pitches.
  • The second take was better; I sat down and tried to just enjoy the music, although the recording showed that the line is still being chopped up.

I did spend about 10 minutes listening to a recording of the chords in the Sarabande from Suite 1.  I’m using a recording of Marina Kupperman playing the suites on the viola, but I really like her interpretation – it just seems airy and spacious (in a good way).

Getting back to the recording – I do plan to have a Chopin recording next week, probably Thursday.  (The reason for the delay is that  I need to focus on my SAS blogging for this week, in preparation for the debut of my book.)   The recording won’t be great, but it should show the state of things.  At the mininum, I’d like it to be less choppy.  However, I am going to not be perfectionistic about it, because I can’t afford to be at my current developmental level.