First four measures of Kummer #77, but with a metronome set at 50 eighth notes a minute.  That turned out to be too slow, even for me, but it was still useful.  What is it about the metronome that makes me totally forget what I knew of the melody? I need to be more even, so this does help me.  One realization I made was that I have to be aware of the bow distribution earlier than I had been, and I also focused on that shift from F# on 4 to B on 4.   I went to mm 3 and 4 first, learned it,  then same with 1 and 2, then worked on putting them together as smoothly as I could.

Scale all week is D major with “the volcano” – one octave down and up in the thumb position after completing the third octave.

The challenging thing for me now is to add a feeling to this piece.  By the way, a recording is likely going to happen on this one.  I’ve been promising and promising, and what, like only 10 months late?