I’m going to make the last quarter strong.  90 days – well 87 now – where I practice for at least 80 of them and make every practice deep and meaningful.  I’m also going to start posting the practice logs every day as well as begin the recordings media page that I’ve been promising.  My book about SAS is close to printing, so I can now focus on other things for a little while.

Over the past week, I also had to fight a cold, that made it very difficult to breathe, not to mention the difficulty in playing, but that’s over with. So, tonight I am beginning to get re-acquainted with the cello.  Chopin is in pretty good shape; just going to walk through it in whatever shape it’s in and then focus on Kummer.

One thing that’s frustrating is getting used to my smartphone as an important practice tool.  This means I need to track it down and charge it before I practice.  It’s my metronome, my tuner, as well as my camera for taking pictures of the score I am working on.


What I actually worked on was Metronome practice for the Chopin, especially during the sections where the cello is the accompaniment.  There’s still a difficult section in mm 4 where I’m shifting from D to Ab.   Although I can get it, I’m not sure of it, and my body is not liking my approach.   I’m going to sleep on it some and try that shift again tomorrow.