We played through today, and as rough as the last lesson was, that’s how good today’s was.  I really worked hard on connecting phrases and keeping the bow moving after tricky phrases.  I’ve also been listening to recordings of the piece, and Dan said that helped more than I realized because I started learning how the two parts come together.

So, to keep up that pace, my “homework” is to continue to listen along with both parts of the score.  Listen to where the recordings suggest the phrases end, and see where that occurs in the score.  The hint is that I still don’t have some phrase boundaries right.

The end of the piece is working very well, and we played together with Dan playing the harmony  that’s usually done by the piano on the cello.   He told me that so long as I’m enjoying the tone, it will come across well, and he was right.  Even as I’m playing, I’m also listening and enjoying it.  Just doing that seemed to keep me in tune with him better.

Is there a life lesson in there somewhere?