I used to go into actuarial exams thinking I knew my material.  When I came out of there with a marginal pass or a fail, I was always suprised by what I was surprised by.  That’s what today’s lesson was like.  I thought I knew this piece well enough to get through it.  I got tripped up in the third line, a section I thought I had “in the bag”.  Of course, the parallel to exams isn’t perfect.  But sometimes, it’s important to test yourself to see if you know something, or thoroughly know it so that there are no surprises.

Most of my technical problems centered around having a loose enough hand to make my backward extensions in third position, and to get a feeling of balance.  I’ve also had a tendency to roll my hand forward in fourth position.  I just haven’t been able to feel comfortable in the higher positions.  So, this week’s practice will focus on just that, as well as knowing the Chopin cold (at my developmental level).