Put in the first good practice in a while.  Really did my scales, had a goal, which was to play with no right-thumb tension.  I limited my focus to a few phrases and dug in.  I need to do this more often, and longer.  That was an hour.  No reason I can’t increase it.  I have the slack.  I do feel guilty playing before the kids retire to bed, but gotta shake up the old routine.

The left hand on this Kummer Piece is shifty with quite a few substitutions, but it will get there.  I basically recovered ground I had lost since I last touched this on Monday.  I have all means of excuses, but it comes down to this – whatever problems I’m having are precisely what I need to face in practice.  Dan always tells me that cello needs to be my relaxation – there should be no reason to ever dread practicing.