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In scales, we did short bow exercises also with the view towards not jarring the back.  Short, lower arm movements out and back.  We also worked on keeping the left hand relaxed and open in order to do the LH again without bringing too much upper arm into the motion.

Yesterday’s lesson we assessed where we were on the Chopin. It was better than I thought, but I still need to work on keeping the lines connected better, particularly on the string crossings.  But that’s the perennial problem, isn’t it?

I also worked on getting up to D in fifth position on the D string – need to “plop the finger over – NOT around” the rest of my hand.  I also need to learn to open my hand without engaging the rest of the arm/back structure to accomplish this.

Although this type of post is somewhat dry, looking back on it is more helpful to me than some of the more ‘thoughtful’ types of pieces that I do.