Practices have been going well lately.  I’m practicing longer, and taking on longer shapes of music in a practice session.  I’m thinking in groups of 3 rather than a single note at a time.  I am getting the Bach Minuet #1 back in shape after an intensive week or two of Kummer.  I feel that I know the notes pretty well,and now want to start being able to listen to myself while I play.  I’m going to start recording myself tomorrow, but not publishing just yet.  I’d be interested to see if Dan has me stop the Bach for the time being.

There’s also the Chopin 3d Mvmt of the Op 65 sonata.   For some reasons, there’s a certain fear of the second run of the theme, this time higher than the previous.  I’m also trying to figure out the relationship of the two. I suspect I need more theory.  But I don’t really.  I mean, I need to know more, but I have to resist the temptation to say that more theory is the solution to my problems.  It’s an issue in life too.  It’s so much more fun to read about something new than to struggle a bit with what I have, and thereby know it better.

But, I would like to get the notes down faster so that I can spend more time really listening to what comes out of the cello.