This is a happier post.

[FYI – forgot to mention this : Most measures of Kummer No 71 are 16 notes to a bow, but all discussions of this piece for 2012 pertain to separate bows for each note]

For some reason, it finally clicked for me.  Dan has told me several times to repeat my successes, not my mistakes.  So, when I get a passage down, I need to repeat that success.  What I had been doing in the past is stopping as soon asI “get it”.  I wonder why it has taken so long to “click” and actually start doing what he’s been advising all this time.  So tonight, I repeated my successes at least five times before moving on.

The overall summary is that this was a 75 minute practice that thoroughly hit the shifts in the second part and the descending segments in the final three lines.

In preparation for getting th entire piece (Kummer #71) instead of just sections, I have been practicing the last measure of one part and the first measure of the next, trying to get those bridges smooth.   I also worked one more time on the “scaley parts”. The next practice will see to what extent I can play the entire piece.

Probably after this week we may start new pieces.  But my main goal is to be able to digest bigger pieces of music and get to this stage where I “know the notes” a little bit faster than I did this time.

My left hand was exhausted after this practice.  It was an advantage: since I was too tired to do it the wrong way, I had to discover the right way. I started to use the proper technique using arm adjustments rather than wrist adjustments to get the job done.