My struggles with Kummer #71 result in refusing to move on until every previous bar is perfect.  The assignment for next week is to practice more regularly, and to tackle the last 3 lines.  But this means be willing to walk through segments that aren’t quite done for the sake of the big picture.   This is very hard to do.  Last week, I spent the entire time starting over from the beginning.

Did the lesson today with CF2.  Kind of fun.

Meanwhile, with the Menuet from Suite 1, I haven’t studied it at all, but I do walk through it every night, although not holding myself to any particular standard.  But that’s exactly what I’m supposed to do with the Kummer.

In summary, the outline is

  • Scan the measures I wish to play.  Outline main sections in my head.  Identify important shifts, noting both the from-note and the to-note
  • Try to express the section in terms of 6-8 ideas. As a beginner, the “idea” was a note, but now they are groups of notes or phrases.  For example: “descending scale followed by Pattern I, followed by Arpeggios”.  Try to play through first part, but do not stress over mistakes for more than 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Get detail practice done, walk through previous night’s music.

OK – the Truth

Today’s lesson was abysmal.  Couldn’t even tune the cello well today.  Every single fifth was a challenge.  Wasn’t hearing well at all, and couldn’t tell when I was in tune with Dan or not.

I think what is missing is a clearer goal focus. I’ve been going from lesson to lesson assuming that I was on my way.  But i need specific goals for the end of the summer.