As we come into Memorial Day weekend in the US, the start of lazy days begins.  Cello teachers take more vacations, and there seems to be less urgency to everything.  This is a dangerous illusion.  The alignment of the earth’s axis during this segment of the planets orbit should generally not discourage the amateur musician from practicing.

So, I’m going to try to keep posting regularly throughout the summer, although the entries will likely be more focused on practice logs. Lately, Dan has been asking me what I have been working on, and I’d like to give him more than a general recollection.

I promised I’d start recording some of my practices starting in April of this year.  I’m approximately two months behind that promise, but I have more time to do recordings now.  The book is basically done.  There’s still some work to do, but the days of consecutive weekends doing nothing but writing are behind me (for now).