One way to get inspired, quite literally, is to breathe more.  I need to do that.  I tend to hold my breath too much when I play.  I had been feeling rather uninspired lately, although the cello relationship was not at fault. We have been speaking of relaxing practice. How to connect with the cello and warm up.  So, here are my questions

1) What is your warm-up ritual? How do you approach your scales?

2) What do you do when you’re feeling a bit in a rut?

On the positive side! – New Kummer, C major #73.  Lots to work on, but it’s not totally weird to play the melody. Eventually, it’s 16 bowed 16th notes, but we’re going to work our way up to that gradually, like through banking.

This lesson really re-energized me.  I hadn’t practiced since my last lesson (which was just two days ago.  The honesty helped, because we spent the time on new material and on playing relaxed.  Also covered was going up-bow on the C-string, but with a more relaxed right hand.

We also discussed how long to stay on a piece before it’s time to move on. If you stay until super-polished, you may lose the forest for the trees, according to Dan. Whereas, if you go back and play after some time,  you’ll see how far you’ve come. So, for fun,we re-played Kummer#6.