We had a mini lesson today because I was late to a lesson because of work pressure, and still had to leave the lesson on time. However, I was very focused, and may have gotten more out of it than in the hour lessons. Something is making hard for me to keep that intensity up for a full hour lesson. Trying to understand this aspect of myself is part of what makes the education process so fascinating. Sadly, I must drop this topic for another day when I have more time for musing and return focus to the lesson. Today’s emphasis was bow distribution. I need to make sure when I have a long slur to prepare (agh) and plan (no!) my bow journey. The few exercises we did helped in that regard and made playing feel a bit more rhythmic.
Switching to my left hand for a moment, there is a section where I have to go G-A-B in third position, and to do so, I need to get my 1 nicely anchored.
We’re also going to start the minor section this week.