Not making too much progress these days, but I’m trying to avoid making negative progress.  Other tasks have taken priority,so I will have to keep it simple.  This means quick lesson summaries, and having this be mostly a practice blog for a month or so.

Had another lesson right after having a Friday lesson.  Focus was on the Minuet, and the D# notes in there. I’m still not completely sure why it’s there. But it is special, so I need to give myself time to get back to half position to play it right. I’d like to learn more theory at this point.  Of course, I don’t expect miracles. Understanding Bach is not something you do in a weekend of study. We are not required to finish the task, but neither are we free to desist from it.  That’s one of my favorite Jewish quotes.

In lesson today, we also worked on the three octave G-major, so we’re really getting down to the bottom of that cello. This means amusing finger games to give me space to go from that high F# to G, and then G to F#.  So, this will be my scale I live with for the next week or so.