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That’s a long time to go without a lesson. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy lesson. We started out with fixing my cello a bit. The bridge was starting to tilt, and we also nudged a millimeter to the left. Dan showed me how to do that without taking the bridge down. The cello acquired a new brightness that it had been lacking. I also had to back off the pressure a little since it didn’t require as much to make it sing.

Our scale was 3 octave G major. It was a bit scary to go that high. We used the “pretend you’re writing at a desk” trick to get the right arm shape.

And that brings me to the main point of the lesson, which was to really set the string and feel the grippiness on each stroke. I need to pretend, for practice purposes, that each piece has the “set” as part of a rhythmic event, as it “set, go, set, go, ” The pieces are starting to sound fuller, even after that first lesson.

On the left hand, we also talked about playing with some conviction. When we’re decisive, we play more rhythmically. So now, it’s off to practice that Minuet.