I’m amazed at after listening to various recordings of the first suite over the course of the last five years of my life, I am having trouble putting the notes into place on the minuet.  I’m amazed at how the phrases fall, and how different the sheet music seems. When I play what i see on the page, it sounds nothing like what I hear.   This is the ultimate adult beginner issue. We have this elaborate idea of hitting a high mark, but our bodies just aren’t ready.  Spirit being wililng and flesh being weak, and all that.  

I just need to remember that this piece, which is just a book 4 piece, should be approached like any piece. I need to stop at difficult points and figure out how to solve them. I focused tonight on the first two measures after the first repeat – just trying different ways of playing that D-F#-A-G-A-B, hearing each interval until it is in my head. I do feel like I have more musical tools at my disposal than I used to so there is progress.  But, wow, such a long road ahead. At least i won’t be bored!