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For cello, in 2012, I resolve to (in rough order from most to least specific):

  • Always have a purpose when I sit down to practice. I will NOT simply play a section over and over until I get it right. Having a purpose, I think, will also help me blog better.
  • (This is the newest “practice smackdown” for ’12). In mid-April 2012, when much of my other commitments should abate, I will post one clip per week, with the understanding that it is a snapshot of a progress and not intended for public evaluation.
  • I would also like to polish a piece and be able to present it in a group-class setting.
  • Be more attentive during my scales, particularly to tone and fluidity of bow arm movement.
  • Pay more attention to  Herr Kummer!
  • Play more fluidly in general.

I did not set a goal to have any particular piece done, but in terms of the “like to have” section, it would be:

1. Start the next section of Kol-Nidre, or be able to play through the first large section fluidly. (Before the big runs of 11 and 13 notes start!)

2. Have the Minuet from Suite 1 really nice (relative to my current level of development.)