Three Years ago this week, I brought my lovely new rental cello home from Golden Violins. It had a subtle, dark varnish.   I had no idea what to do with it, except try playing a few open strings to see how it sounds.  When the family came over for Thanksgiving dinner, I happily showed off my new avocation to various expressions of bemusement.  The more politely phrased good wishes praised me for having “guts”, which means I’ve got to be crazy for starting something like this when there’s no way I’ll ever be good.

Three years later, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I own a lovely cello, and I am sitting down with it and playing open strings to listen carefully how it sounds.  Some things change, and some remain the same.  (I can tune it, now!)

I am grateful for not only the cello, but the community of friends who have supported me over the years, and of course to my teacher, Dan Delaney who patiently can listen to what I’m playing and carefully choose what needs the most attention and diplomatically not discussing what is not yet at my level to fix.  I’m also grateful to Emily Wright for tolerating both Skype and Cello technical difficulties.  

I would be remiss in thanking a certain very generous person who chooses not to be named for providing me with Stempie when that person’s cello was upgraded, on the condition that I keep playing and keep blogging.

Many other bloggers and friends deserve special thanks and mentions, both for helpful comments here as well as insight on their own blogs. I worry about a complete list, which is getting large, lest I leave somebody out.

Lest I forget: Today’s practice was 1 hour of playing La Cinq from memory, and trying to see if I can still hear the pulse when it comes to the trill. The primary focus was the last three lines. Key was just to have fun with it and try to get the piece to “wake up” in my hands.