Pretty much had my head handed to me at cello lesson today. The next steps for learning are things that are hard to define precisely; getting the pulse of the music, knowing when to fudge or linger certain notes to give them character. These are the sorts of things that are difficult for a precisely literal person like myself to get. Grace notes are still difficult for me to understand. One issue with La Cinquaintaine is that I need to NOT play them on the beat. There is a real note that needs to be played on the beat. There were also some other rhythmic issues that came out of yesterday’s recording.

It’s no longer going to be a simple matter of “well, the left hand goes here”, or “try to attack the string more there”. This is tough for me because I don’t have an approach to the problem at all. But we’ll work it out. The more I do of this, the more respect I have for real musicians.