OK, here it is. I learned a few things about recording today. The biggest thing I learned is that you can’t simply record something several times in a row until you get it right. This is true for the same reasons you can’t simply practice something over and over until you get it right. If there is a problem, it is necessary to go through the same process of locating a problem, and focusing all one’s efforts on solving just that one problem. Otherwise, you’ll not get the maximum mileage out of each take.

I stopped recording, not when this was perfect, but when I thought the playing on the recording matched what I thought I was playing. Even the version I am presenting has some mistakes, but it’s an honest assessment of where I am now with the piece. As I listened to the multiple recordings of this, I realized that what I wanted to get out of this morning’s session was to really grab that first phrase as a phrase, and attack it with some gusto. The first few go rounds were really cowardly. I was surprised. In addition, instead of just “hitting” those harmonic A’s, I realized that that made no sense unless it flows in with the notes that follow.

I’m amazed at how much work goes into a piece, and I’m far from done. But this does at least show an honest snapshot of my status. Now that I have my technology setup, I will do more of these.