Did you ever figure out as a kid what your present (birthday, Christmas, Chanukkah, or whatever) would be before you were supposed to? Remember how those two weeks running up to the big day felt, knowing that you have something, but it’s hidden away somewhere and can’t use it. Exquisite torture.

Dan let slip what our next piece is going to be, and I got so excited i could barely focus on my current pieces. I promised myself that I won’t peek at the sheet music (I did anyway). So, then I promised, I’d just work the left hand, but no bowing allowed! Nope. Finally, I just had to pick up La Cinquaintaine again, and work on that last bit that’s lagging behind the others – the first few bars in 4th position where I have to keep grabbing the A harmonic. My difficulty is getting my third finger down to A when my 4 is mentally “blocking” it, sitting defiantly at G. I worked for almost an hour at lunchtime today just feeling that shift from F# to A and how that feels in my hand. It’s never as far as I think.

So, with some discipline I put the present away and managed to focus on the present. I hope you’re all enjoying what you are listening to and playing lately.