The first 8 notes of Kummer #68 are

G-Bb-(Eb-D) A-C-(Eb-D) – can’t figure out where it’s going. Key is G minor.

Notes are 8th notes. Parentheses denote slurs. [I’m too busy to get a working abc2ps program out. My previous one kept crashing

I’m trying to get a sense of what’s happening. The first three blocks of 4 8th notes end on a half-step down, but the fourth one ends on a whole step (A-G), which seems to define the first two measures as a musical idea. The next two are primarily descending and wind up back on D. The “tops of the stairss” are at D,Eb,D,C, then there’s a little bounce at Eb-D to end m.4. I’m not sure how the first two connect.