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I have a new piece to work on, and this one is mostly eighths with some slurs. What’s special about this one is that Dan isn’t playing it for me first. I, perhaps foolhardily, told him I’d like to work out some of the problems for myself. I often wonder how you start a new piece. In this one, I’m supposed to analyze first, for phrase boundaries and emphasis. I’m not sure I made the right choices, but we’ll see. If I find my digital recorder, I’ll play it out and post my preliminary results. I used to work the left hand on a new piece, but now I try to sing it in order to get the right hand moving first. Then, I start back and work on the intonation.

I’m also recalling a lesson I learned early on, which is that I MUST practice every day in order to get my mind working on some of these problems. Even though I have less time than before, that’s even more a reason to practice every day, although I may need to be short and focused on a very specific goal. Tonight, it was on bowing and sketching out whast i want my right hand to do.

I often have a problem in G minor or Bb major when I have to decide whether to extend, or shift back to half-position and see if I can live there for a while. In this piece, there are some sections where I am tempted to try most of it near second position since that keeps Eb handy (but now I have to shift back for Bb).