Here’s everything I remember about this piece.

1. When grabbing for the harmonics A, take your time at first to set up the third finger. If need be, play the pitch under the third finger for a microsecond, then shift to A on 3.

1 1/2. On the first line, watch that rhythm on the eighth notes and make sure they are shorter than teh quarters. Keep the rhythm zippy and your bow moving (this is a problem unique to me and you may not have this issue)

2. In the second segment, when it starts A-G-G-G, you will have two grabs for that harmonic, which need to go a little faster.

3. Remember, that it’s in cut-time, so the rhythm should feel like oooone, toooo (sic) not 1-2-3-4.

4. In the A major section, focus on accenting those forte notes appropriately. Think Heroic, or some adjective, but don’t make it wimpy!

5. Toward the end of the A major section, make sure the landing on the G# is soft, but audible, since it is a leading tone.

6. Keep that bloody left elbow ready for action.

7. Fourth position is less spacious that first, so really learn what those half-step shifts feel like in your hand.

Hope that helps!