I’m going to spare you the “It’s been X months so why does it still sound like cats dying” agony, and just get to what I’m working on. I do believe I can be successful (have good tone and rhythm and be fun to listen to) if I practice every day. The practice may need to be shorter for the time being. I have too much on my plate with school starting, jobs changing, and our overall routine in search of a new equilibrium. Now, I’m not really complaining. I’ve been hoping for a change because my life had gone stale. But in the process of change, many people’s needs must be managed, especially the kids.

As far as the cello is concerned, I’m just working through the section on “grabbing the harmonic” in “La Cinquantaine”. There are two places where I need to go from G (on 4) to A (on 3). This is a bit tricky for my left hand. It’s sort of coming together. I just did that section after the repeats start down to the bottom of the page, but mostly the first four measures. I worked with the metronome set to eighth notes and a very slow tempo. I’m also trying to get some note shape out of my scales and and I think I’m doing a bit better keeping both my right and left sides free simultaneously. But it still sounds like ass.