Looks like I’ve been remiss for a couple of weeks. Hope you haven’t forgotten me.

Now that I’ve spent some time rehabilitating my bow hold, I am spending some practice time thinking about my legs doing a better job of directing the cello so that my hands can be freer. Still, learning are slow and disconnected. I’ve been working on my Eb, E, and Bb major scales since they are are all in similar places on the fingerboard. I’ve only recently ventured back into the Kummer #65, and spent a solid hour on it tonight – mostly on left hand placement. I decided that life would be easier if I weren’t hiding in half position, and did more extension work. There are a a few figures where I am moving from half position to second position, and I’d like to make that with an extension when practicable.

In my personal life, my wife and I are getting the kids ready for school, and this has involved quite a bit of legwork of a different kind. I’m starting a new job next week, which is also the first day of school. So, it’s been hard to stay rooted lately, and this has been affecting my practice time. However, practice time has been longer and of better quality lately.