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The past two weeks have been tough on the bow-hold. I still need to check back in with Emily about the bow hold overhaul on July 31. These past weeks have been very slow, as I need to reset every time tension creeps back in. One tip I got at the lesson today was that my left thumb still cues the right (the brain is funny that way – it seems to think the left and right half of my body is actually connected) so don’t neglect good LH shape as we seek to reform the right.

Besides the thumb, we finished out our bow-hold rebuilding by talking about the A and C string technique. We discussed the correct tracking of the bow, and to finish opening the arm “door assembly” before extending the lower forearm. The prescription is to do a long bow scale where I am not allowed to torque the bow at all or add weight in any way. I need to just slow the bow down to maintain tone as I get towards the tip. And of course, no tension.

As for my pieces, we got back into the Cinquantaine’s first few bars. For now, he wants me to stay away from being right at the frog since I’m doing reasonably well at the balance point and further out. I will eventually work my way back to Emily’s frog handling exercise.

We also talked about how to slide to that harmonic A from fourth position. That will take a bit of time, but it’s fun to try.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll be writing again probably this weekend after my next round of writing deadlines for other projects are done.