OK, Airplane fans, let me hear you!!  Hmm. I think I used this title before.  I guess I picked the wrong week to stop my memory erasing drugs.

Today’s cello lesson focused on strategizing orchestra rehearsal.  Much of it mimics my post from earlier.  The name of the game is keeping time and playing when  you can. Of course, the more I practice, the more I play.

  • Everything is about familiarity, not mastery, although mastery is good, too!   But joining late means I have to accept some compromises.
  • Learn the tricky sections well.  Try to sight read the rest, and learn to read ahead a measure or two.
  • Play with attitude! You never know; you might just wind up making music.
There is much work to do before I even play.
  • Time spent marking up the music and visualizing is time very well spent.
  • Spend time speaking the rhythms and then refining them to be more accurate.
  • And last, and least. Time to renew my on-again, off-again relationship with the ticking tyrant.  The sections of pieces on which I did the most metronome work will be the ones that work best in rehearsal, even if there are still a lot of issues remaining with intonation.
Speaking of which, I was very flat at rehearsal today, especially on the G string. I know why now. Discouragement causes my posture to drop, which causes my hand to rise.
We also discussed scale practice with one’s eyes closed.  The object is to get a full tone and also pay attention to one’s body.  For this, it is sufficient to pick an easy scale like 2 octave G major with the “easy fingering” 0-1-3-4/0-1-3-4/0-1-2-4-1-3-4.
Lately, my scale work had been focusing on A-flat.