It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I wanted to see how my technique has made any part of it easier. Although I’ve been promising actual music, I’d almost rather not invite comparison or comment.

Lately, Dan and I have been emphasizing trying to keep a musical line. Try to start at the beginning of one line of music and make it a goal to “just go” and get to the end. So, I did this with the first line of the K-N, and the results were very gratifying.  My playing had sounded “stuck” , and this is an exercise to get unstuck.

Since I have a reasonably good auditory conception of this piece, having heard it since childhood, and I wanted it to be my first practice with this exercise.

Also, since I’m still here, I recommend everybody click over to Emily Peterson’s Blog.. Although you may have read material on a similar theme, this blog post is particularly well done. I wish I had written it myself.