The school year is ending, and days are long. It’s my second favorite time of year (April being the first). I get to work a little late, and still come home and play ball with the boys. It’s also the season to bring things to a close so that we can spend more time outside guilt-free.

In cello, I’m trying to bring the Humoresque to a close. I have done enormous work on it, focusing on things like the shift from D to C and getting a concept of what it is supposed to sound like. (Think Star Trek). I think I’ve worked on all the parts that I want to start playing more measures and eventually connect the whole thing.

I also have a major book deadline, so my blog may just consist of practice logs for a while. I also will post my practice sessions as audio files. I tried video, but it’s just so gigantic to deal with. There’s real strong intertia involved in getting off my camera, to quicktiime, and then uploaded to YouTube. I also did 15 takes before I got something I remotely like. On takes where my playing was acceptable, my public speaking was less than stellar, and vice versa.

I need something that is more immediate. Play for a while, then click and post to WordPress.