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My friend commented to me that if I’m going to eventually apologize to my wife, why not skip the argument and jump right  to the apology.

Something similar applies to cello practice. There’s really no point in complaining about this or that not working out, since with enough practice, it will happen.  So, I’m going to refrain from posts complaining about bad practices (although this is one!) and just skip to the part where it works.  At least in my head.

What is useful though, especially as I look back on my practice is to note my problems and how long it is taking to solve them.  This is more than complaining because it provides developmental milestones.

In this case, I am continuing to work through that Kummer #80 section measures 3 and 4.  I tried something new tonight, which is to sneak 4 on behind three and then press and shift back to 4th position so I wind up playing 4.  I also played A and G successively until I felt like I heard the interval so perhaps I can know where to arrive.  But it is vexing.

Tomorrow, back to Humoresque and other sections of the Kummer #80.   I may sit down with the problem section, pretend Dan’s here, and say “look at what a mess this is”, and maybe by reverse psychology, it will play well.

I seem to have bruised my bowing arm, but I don’t know how.  It wasn’t related to cello playing.  Might be a friction bruise from a bike tire while lifting.