I got in a little practice this morning before work.  I am going to make sure I can practice a number of consecutive days again.  If cello gets done first thing, I’ve started my day musically.

Onto the problem I’m trying to solve. I’ve been on the 3d and 4th measures of Kummer #80, trying to get the harmonic quarter note followed by 4 16th notes in fourth position, and all on one bow.  This is tricky for me because if I’m mentally computing it out, my bow arm will stop.

Wow, did I just totally grab your attention, or what?

Anyway, Since Dan says that deep practice is largely about re-setting your mind about difficult passages until they become easy.  Remove one level of difficulty to see where you are.

Here’s my problem: I’ve got to move a fast bow for the harmonic, but not use too much of it up. I figure I could use most of the LH for the harmonic A and then the UH for the G-F-E-D.  Perhaps one strategy would be to remove the harmonic and play the A with 3 as a stopped note, then add the harmonic back later. Well, turns out that doesn’t really simplify my life all at once. Probably easier to just tackle one part at a time. A harmonic is reasonably comfortable for me.  So is fourth position. The trick for me is to get to fourth position not stopping my bow. Perhaps I cheat a little and let the note ring, moving my bow very lightly while I get into position, then finish out the figure with the rest of the bow.