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This was my worst cello week since I started taking up the instrument back in November of 2008.  Amusingly, on the 11th, I did deliver a humorous speech on some of my experiences with the cello for my Toastmasters Club.    I have not practiced for the entire week, except for an hour or so doing scales last Thursday.  There has been a lot of drama in my life, as I realize that many critical projects have been slipping by me.  I need to engage my internal supervisor to keep me on track and remind me that I’m in a bit of hot water and I need to consider jumping out of the pot before I’m boiled alive.

Anyway, I pride myself on practicing every day, no matter what.  This week, I didn’t.  But a defeat is not a defeat if we’ve learned something from the experience.  So, what did I learn?

  • There was time to do the cello, but I kept letting small things distract me.  I need to set a regular practice time in order to practice every day.  Certainly on weekends, it should be possible to practice, get some writing done, and still spend time with the family.
  • Sometimes, I need to tend to other priorities.  I have chosen to get my public speaking back in gear, and I’m OK with that choice.  I need to have something to show for my public speaking training and that meant getting some speeches out.  This typically takes me six to eight hours per speech.
  • I need to back down from the family drama and choose my battles more wisely. My insistence that we spend more time housecleaning led to some serious power struggles within the family.
  • Twitter and Facebook are MAJOR time sinks.  Do these only after practice is done.
Nonetheless, I did get back to practicing tonight.  My goals were modest.  Keep my left arm balanced and breathe.  I worked through what I had on the Humoresque.  I will just try to get back what I had before. The other thing that I worked on was anticipating the note and sliding towards it. Eventually we will eliminate the slide, but right now Dan recommends it as a way to make sure I’m hearing the note “hit the pocket”.