Besides working on my shifts, I haven’t had too much time to be a good blogger. April has had me working on some car related issues, trying to get some control back over my house, and finishing up some open loops. Cello is still happening, of course, but I haven’t had too much to write about lately.

I was in a fender bender on Tuesday, in the evening after my lesson. Just have had so much on my mind lately. Then, it wandered, and noticed I did not leave enough stopping distance. Boom. That took up most of my Tuesday and Wednesday. Getting caught up at work took me to Thursday and Friday, and here we are.

So, in addition to the usual mantra about relaxing on the road, and not being in such a rush, the real issue is to take care of myself. I need to exercise, plan, and meditate. This way, I’m not trying to solve my problems when I drive.