I have set a goal to at least have the first four lines of the piece recorded for Tuesday’s lesson. I sang through them this evening and played a bit. I was pleased that my auditory prediction is getting better, and I’m hitting those F# in the second section. I also played through the first of the D minor sections in the piece.

When I picked up the Petzold (attr. Bach) Minuet #3, it was miserable, and all I could do was think about how long I’ve been working on it, and how poor the tone was. When I “let go” and try to free up my bow arm, tone goes all to hell. But I need to resist the temptation to be over-controlling again. I just have to find tone with a freer bow arm.

Stopping practice to come down and blog has been helpful, since I am more positive now than when I was just upstairs massacring the masters.

Also in cello news, while my car was being finished in the shop, I stopped in at the local Music and Arts store and played around with their Eastman MC-500 cello.