At my most recent lesson, we started the Humoresque and discussed the basic bow stroke for it. I need to sit and choke the sound, leaving my bow on the string. But, still keep the sound light!

I need to get into the habit of posting more recordings, especially before I go to the next piece. The Bar Mitzvah of my oldest son having past, and my little bump in the road settled by insurance, I’m ready once again to move on. We also started the 3d Octave of the D major scale, which means the beginnings of thumb position! It was so nondescript. It wasn’t like we sat down and said “today we discuss thumb position”. He just slipped it in gently after a discussion of how my 1,2 and 3 should feel regardless of where I am on the A string. We also did a special F major scale so I could do that fingering for the C major scale, but going up the D string.

Cello time lately has continued to be enjoyable. I am also going to put together my blog entries into a humorous speech about starting an instrument late in life.