I love April. For one month, the world is flourishing. Optimism abounds. The sun rises earlier, making it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Early morning running is now possible. Cello optimism also increases, although it means I put away Kol Nidre for awhile since it is not in tune with the season. April gets me to somehow look at the world optimistically, even when I’m not always feeling that way.

Other bits of good news:

  1. I got a new Mic so I can record more of my practices, with better sound quality.
  2. My new medication is working, so I’m not dizzy any more. The dizzyness predates my eyesight-related woes, some good news about which comes next
  3. After breaking my last pair of glasses last week, yesterday I got my new contact lenses after a week of wearing some out-of-date ones. That means fewer headaches and that I’m not straining my neck to read the music

Onto the Minuet #3 (Petzold attr. to Bach)

I was feeling rather heavy during my last lesson, which was yesterday. The dizziness of the past week is fading,

This was causing me to cave in on my body posture. When I found my intonation using bad posture, it goes sharp when I correct my posture.

The golden tip from the lesson

Try to fill up the room with your sound. This will also help you listen to it.

I’m always afraid of losing tone when I get too free with my bow arm, but I’ve got to go to that edge, I guess!