Those who know me realize that if you picked two adjectives that are antonyms of my personality, you’d have to pick the ones in this title. But, as I progress, I can start approaching these sections and actually start feeling light and carefree. We talked a bit about this in the Beethoven as well; just let go and follow the beat.

We walked through the opening of the Brahms, Op. 38. He thinks we can play the first few pages of the score. He gave me some good fingerings, including using harmonic G instead of II(G). The overall sense gave me a boost of confidence.

Most of our work today was on Measures 5-8 of Kummer #74. We talked about how phrasing works – each note needs to take us towards the beat, and some are emphasized more than others.
I was feeling a bit droopy physically, owing to a poor night’s rest, but I was able to get enough posture together to make it through the lesson.

We talked about a New Piece – Kummer #80. So, now I have

Kummer #80
Bach Minuet #3 from Suzuki Book 3.
Brahms, Op. 38 cello part, first 20 measures or so.