One of the most challenging things I am dealing with now, is the notion of predicting what note should come next.   During warm up, one of my exercises to tune the C string is to play a few long bows of G and then at the instant before playing the C, try to anticipate it and hear it before I play it!  This is enormously challenging to my way of thinking about music, which comes down to “I’ll hear it when I play it”.  But that’s not the right way.

One of the aspects that Dan is trying to work with me on in order to make my playing more musical is that of connection and line.  Right now, my phrases are too isolated from one another, giving a sense of stalling when I play.  So, how do we connect?   One way is to get the listener to anticipate the next note.  How does that get done?  Every composer has a different way, I imagine, but they’re all managing expectations.  What does this note lead to?    For instance, in the opening of the Brahms E Minor sonata, after I play the E, how might I get the audience to expect and even want the next note to be F# based on what has been coming before?