One aspect of playing that has been hard for me to grasp is balance. This is because my math/physics mindset views the bow as practically massless. I weigh, well, let’s just say for the sake of making a round number, 200 lbs. My bow, on the other hand, weighs approximately 1/2 lb. So, as the physicists say, “approximate the system by two spheres”, and we have the bow weighing in at 0.0025 MM (Michael Masses).

Now, given that’s true, as I swing my arm around with the bow, do I feel the bow at all? As a percentage, does the center of gravity change all that much? Dan talks a lot about balancing my body and my bow, and yet it’s hard to relate this physically since I don’t really feel off balance in any bow position. Now, my arm, on the other hand, weighs a bit more, and as that goes away from my center of gravity, I do need to keep my balance.

As for the bow, I’m walking around with it in different positions so I can feel the torque on my wrist and get sensitized to holding the bow in different ways, trying to feel as much as the weight as I can.

So, in conclusion, I do need to think about balance and weight, and pay attention to how all this feels at the cello.