In some ways, today’s lesson was a repeat of my very first lesson. We discussed how to make a nice tone on the open strings.

Another technical point we reviewed was keeping my elbow above my pivot point and try to maneuver the up-bow using only the forearm as the active element.

In a similar idea for the left hand, we also talked about balanced shifts.

We spent the entire lesson working through scales and talking about tone, and then focusing for a moment on the “big slur” in Kummer 74. Open D to harmonic D, back to F#, all on the up-bow. The string length changes drastically, so I have to pay attention to bow speed. It took a while, but I think I have the mechanics down, so now it is back to shaping my sound.

This is where Dan really wants me to work for now – get the left hand down, be loose and flexible, but really focus on shaping my sound. Finally, when something is tough, don’t hunker down and concentrate. Rather, try to open up and be loose, especially in the shoulders.

We’re also going to 3 octaves for my C major scale – the first three octave scale I’ll be doing.