I had a make-up lesson today. We talked quite a bit about phrasing. The two main ideas were as follows

* There is a pattern called a “hypermeasure” pattern, which states that in 4/4 time, a four bar phrase gets similar emphasis as the notes within a single measure, thus


S=Strong emphasis
period=weak emphasis
s=emphasis, but less strong than S

and we talked about setting up this phrasing for the Minuet. In connection with this, I was reminded that this convention is routinely tweaked, bent, or violated outright, but it is good to have this as a point of departure.

The picture of the plane landing is to remind me that when it comes to resolutions, we glide into them easily and softly. Resolutions of dissonance get comparatively less emphasis than the dissonant measures themselves.

Getting back to dry technical matters, we also covered some aspects of my left hand being a bit looser – a good thing, but now I have to be careful of over-extending.