I’m realizing how hard it is to blog after taking a couple of weeks off. Those who know me outside of this blog know that this has been a time of transition, which in plain English means job worries. I won’t say too much more about that.

During the time off, I have continued to work at the cello. I’ve still practiced every day, no matter how rotten I feel about things sometimes. This has kept the cello moving along, although I haven’t liked how heavy and lifeless my recordings sound. I’ll spare you, the poor reader, from having to confirm or deny this.

We are starting work in hearing other intervals and getting used to them by doing scales where I keep coming back to the tonic between each note – thus do-re-mi-do-fa-do, etc.

As for my pieces – I’m continuing to touch up the Gavotte in C minor, but now the focus is on the C minor section of the Minuet. I’m really enjoying that, but working on some of the trickier parts towards the end of that section.

I hope my readers haven’t abandoned me for greener pastures. Welcome back.