No, I’m not mad at my cello; tonight is F major night at our house. Also, my wolf is between F and F# so I have to be very careful managing the bow in this area. I have been focusing lately on moving my bow, so I took several long bows on F before beginning. My physical focus was to watch the bow and pay attention to the feel of the string, as well as paying attention to my breathing. It felt like a lot of work to move that F, and perhaps I was forcing it too hard.

Lately, I’ve had some intense practice time after downloading Emily’s “the what is the how” of practice and really focusing on my Bach Gavotte in C Minor. In fact, yesterday between Kummer and the Gavotte, I had actually put in nearly three hours. I needed to be available for my son’s homework help so couldn’t really settle in to write.

Today, my left elbow has been hurting, so I am curious about what I am doing wrong. I backed off for the evening. My left elbow no longer hurts. I now need to figure out what physical goal I should set for my next practice – probably just to be aware of tension in my left arm.

The scale was the only thing tonight I had practiced with any attention. The rest of my practice was playing around with the Lully Gavotte and some of the other pieces I had been working on in the past in order to see if it was easier to make it feel musical than it was the first time around.