We went over the existing pieces and although the Gavotte is not finished yet, he asked me to start exploring the next piece in the book which is the Bach Minuet, which was also in book 2 but now the C minor section is added.

The focus of today’s lesson was playing the bow. I’ve been playing the left hand too much but I need to focus on keeping my “eye” on the bow and the contact point with the string. Really feel each note. Hint – focus on this with your scales, especially.

Doing so seemed to automatically improve my tone production instantly. We also talked about using more of the bow in the Gavotte because when I am stuck in the bow, I can’t phrase things right.

So, my homework is to continue on Kummer #73 and the Gavotte and think about continuous figure 8 bowing that never stops. Not literally of course, but it will make my playing less segmented and give this music some much desired direction.

As a footnote, Dan asked me to hold off playing the prelude. His preference for ordering is that we approach the minuet section of the First suite.