This is my first attempt at recording myself. Naturally, I was horrified. My focus tonight was to play through the measures 32-39 of the Bach Gavotte and see what needed work. This was my first run through, and I’m warning you only to listen if you have a strong stomach.
Initial attempt after warm up

So, for tonight I decided to focus on the second half of this and work through some of the issues on the recording, which I found to be, in no particular order.

  • Notes were disconnected and the music lacked direction. There were also pauses that were not in the music.
  • Started a bit too heavy on the G and the sound seemed choked

I created some intermediate recordings. The first thing I wanted to work with is rhythm and freedom. I’ll tolerate lapses in intonation for the time being. Just breathing and moving the bow helped, and I next decided to go to work on the following.

  • Intonation. Since I’m starting on G, I really have no excuse for losing it. I need to pick my fingering so that I stay anchored around the G. This way, when I shift to second position, I know exactly where 2 goes.
  • The string crossing from G to A in measure 37 results in A being screechy. I need to prepare lightening up before that crossing occurs.
  • In the final phrase of measure 39, get the bowing right. After the three slurs, (and internally I’m rhythmically saying “slur 1 slur 2 slur 3 long and fiiin-ish up” I need to make a different gesture to make my body remember that this is an up-bow that is not slurred like the others.

Here’s the result. I think there is some improvement, but there are still things I’d make better.
Final Attempt for the evening

It could still be more connected, and there is still an intonation issue, but there’s a limit for how much I can work in one evening.