Besides the obvious, that we often don’t hear ourselves while we play, I learned a few other lessons during this first recording session that might be helpful to other amateurs trying the same thing.

Don’t overdo it
Making too many recordings will increase the chance of error. Additionally, you’ll be spending too much of your practice managing the sound recorder. Overdoing it also empowers the negative inner voice that says “you’d better get this one right”. If each recording does not show much progress, stop.

Focus on one thing
Your recording will likely show many things that need work. Don’t beat yourself up.

Give yourself a break
Don’t make one recording after another after another. Relax, and think about something else for a minute.
Perfection is not the goal
Your final recording will also have mistakes. Listen to what got better. Set a time limit. Don’t practice “until it’s perfect”

Don’t make the recorder take over for your ears
You still need to listen to yourself while you play.

Remember the other rules for practice
If the recorder weren’t there, how would you structure your practice? Keep doing that, and record yourself during breaks.