Maybe because I’m worse than George McFly at turning down a challenge, I’ve picked up a another one. Emily challenged her readers, of which I am one, to tackle the Prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite #1 as a practice exploration.

On the grounds that I can take on a measure a week of anything, I’ve decided to take on the challenge and “map it out”.

Right now, I am working through the first two measures at “glacial” pace, but work on the bowing pattern first.

Sound clips will come next week, after I purchase the space upgrade on WordPress.
Update: I worked on the first two measures for an hour, just getting the mechanics and repeating, repeating. We’ll see what sticks during tomorrow’s practice. I also worked on Kummer #73 – fifth measure. I also had an issue with the shift from I(F) to I(C). Worried that I’m hurting my elbow.